for the theme fortune bright, the description shows first on the phone instead of the image. Can we switch that?



I need to add a section between the main image (carrusel) and products section. This will be a still image with instructions on how to contact us. I know a little bit of html and css, is just I cannot find where to add this, thank you

Alberto Villarreal 



open /templates/components/common/payment-icons.html then replace with below code

[php] {{#with theme_settings}} {{#or show_accept_amex show_accept_discover show_accept_mastercard show_accept_paypal show_accept_visa}}
{{#if show_accept_amex}} {{/if}} {{#if show_accept_discover}} {{/if}} {{#if show_accept_mastercard}} {{/if}} {{#if show_accept_paypal}} {{/if}} {{#if show_accept_visa}} {{/if}} afterpay_logo Created with Sketch.
{{/or}} {{/with}} [/php]

How to add phone number to header of bigcommerce stencil cornerstone?

Add phone number to header of site
Hi everybody. I am trying to add my phone number to the header of my site above gift certificates\sign in.

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how to add code to header or footer – bigcommerce stencil theme?

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