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  • Bigcommerce stencil free theme fortune – how to show product image first instead description on the mobile?

    for the theme fortune bright, the description shows first on the phone instead of the image. Can we switch that? https://support.bigcommerce.com/s/question/0D71B000005e7nF/for-the-theme-fortune-bright-the-description-shows-first-on-the-phone-instead-of-the-image-can-we-switch-that?s1oid=00D30000001FDCG&s1nid=0DB13000000Gmw5&emkind=chatterCommentNotification&s1uid=0051B00000Cdq7l&emtm=1556044481351&fromEmail=1&s1ext=0 QUICK VIDEO GUIDE  

  • how to add phone number to header of bigcommerce stencil cornerstone

    How to add phone number to header of bigcommerce stencil cornerstone? https://forum.bigcommerce.com/s/question/0D51B00004haDJj/add-phone-number-to-header-of-site?s1oid=00D30000001FDCG&OpenCommentForEdit=1&s1nid=0DB13000000Gmw5&emkind=chatterPostNotification&s1uid=0051B00000Cdq7l&emtm=1538160705122&fromEmail=1&s1ext=0 Add phone number to header of site Hi everybody. I am trying to add my phone number to the header of my site above gift certificates\sign in. Quick video Guide    

  • free cornerstone basic stencil theme

    Yet another Bigcommerce Cornerstone Stencil Theme for free – Bigcommerce Cornerstone Basic Stencil Theme Left-hand Category Menu, better and minimalist free bigcommerce stencil theme Ideal for a wide range of businesses and brands, this design is fully responsive, simple, and ready for you to add your branding, logo, and products. It comes ready to build a […]

  • upload bigcommerce stencil custom theme

    upload bigcommerce stencil custom theme

    1. Go to Storefront › My Themes. 2. Click the Upload Theme button by the My Themes heading below the Current Theme. 3. Drag the ZIP file into the Upload Theme pop-up window, or you can Select theme from your computer. 4. Once the ZIP file has uploaded, a theme card will appear under My Themes showing […]