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  • Add section to bigcommerce cornerstone stencil theme

    I need to add a section between the main image (carrusel) and products section. This will be a still image with instructions on how to contact us. I know a little bit of html and css, is just I cannot find where to add this, thank you Alberto VillarrealĀ    QUICK VIDEO GUIDE – https://support.bigcommerce.com/s/question/0D71B000005dcsi/add-section-to-cornerstone-theme?s1oid=00D30000001FDCG&s1nid=0DB13000000Gmw5&emkind=chatterCommentNotification&s1uid=0051B00000Cdq7l&emtm=1553828950506&fromEmail=1&s1ext=0

  • How do I change the background color on one specific page ? bigcommerce cornerstone stencil theme

    https://support.bigcommerce.com/s/question/0D71B000005dbLi/how-do-i-change-the-background-color-on-one-specific-page?s1oid=00D30000001FDCG&s1nid=0DB13000000Gmw5&emkind=chatterCommentNotification&s1uid=0051B00000Cdq7l&emtm=1553744557734&fromEmail=1&s1ext=0     here is guide edit theme files – https://support.bigcommerce.com/s/article/Stencil-Themes#edit open templates/layout/base.html find <body> replace with <body class=”{{ page.title }}{{category.name}}{{product.title}}”> debug your page to fine new body CSS of that page. code new CSS with that body name.