bigcommerce stencil visible bulk pricing table   [css] [/css] bigcommerce removed footer script so to add custom CSS use Advanced Settings › Web Analytics  a quick video guide for custom CSS for dummies  

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Paste below code at footer script 

.price-section--withoutTax span.price {
color: red; 
.price-section--withoutTax.non-sale-price--withoutTax span.price , .price-section--withoutTax.rrp-price--withoutTax span.price  {
color: #343434; 

How do I place logo and header navigation on same line using bigcommerce cornerstone stencil theme?

using the Cornerstone theme and have left aligned my logo and header navigation. How do I place them both on the same line? paste below css into footer script [css] [/css]

Remove bigcommerce cornerstone theme unwanted header and footer space.

Remove bigcommerce cornerstone theme unwanted header and footer space frequently asked question at bigcommerce community forum. copy and paste below CSS at footer script [css] [/css]

Replace below code with templates/components/products/carousel.html


 Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 9.11.45 AMScreen Shot 2019-05-20 at 9.13.34 AM


{{#each products}}

{{> components/products/card settings=../settings theme_settings=../theme_settings customer=../customer event="list" position=(add @index 1)}}



I need to add a section between the main image (carrusel) and products section. This will be a still image with instructions on how to contact us. I know a little bit of html and css, is just I cannot find where to add this, thank you

Alberto Villarreal